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The Complete Solution

At EHI Multisystem Nigeria Limited, we provide tailored cargo and logistic solutions, combined with expert Airline GSA management, to ensure timely, secure, and efficient transportation of goods and cargo, exceeding our customers’ expectations. 

Global Trucking Services

With our extensive network and cutting-edge fleet, we provide reliable and efficient global trucking services, ensuring seamless transportation of your cargo across borders and continents.

Customs Clearance & Delivery

Our expert team streamlines customs clearance and delivery processes, ensuring swift and hassle-free movement of your goods from port to door, with precision and care.

Airline GSA Services

As a trusted Airline GSA (General Sales Agent), we leverage our extensive industry expertise and global network to drive revenue growth, boost sales performance, and expand your airline's market reach

Freight Forwarding

Our comprehensive freight forwarding services ensure seamless and cost-effective transportation of your cargo, leveraging our global network and expertise to simplify even the most complex shipping needs.

Cargo Handling & Warehousing

Our warehouses and expert cargo handling teams ensure the safe, efficient, and secure storage and handling of your cargo, providing flexible and customized solutions to meet your unique needs.

Ticketing & Reservation

Our expert ticketing and reservation team provides fast, accurate, and reliable booking services, ensuring seamless travel arrangements and hassle-free itinerary management for your passengers.

Parcel Delivery Service

Our reliable and efficient parcel delivery service ensures timely and secure transportation of your packages, with tracking and monitoring capabilities to provide peace of mind and guarantee successful delivery

Cargo Consultancy

Our experienced cargo consultants provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to optimize your logistics operations, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and cost savings in your cargo handling and transportation needs.

Domestic Distribution

Our Domestic Distribution services ensure fast, reliable, and cost-effective movement of goods across Nigeria, with a strong network and expert handling to guarantee timely delivery to every doorstep

Interline Partnerships

Through our extensive Interline Partnerships, we seamlessly connect with major airlines and logistics providers, enabling us to offer unparalleled global reach and flexibility in cargo transportation, ensuring your shipments reach their destinations with ease and efficiency

Charter Services

Our Charter Services offer flexible and customized air transportation solutions, providing dedicated aircraft and expert handling for oversized, heavy, or time-sensitive cargo, ensuring your unique shipping needs are met with precision and care.

Cargo Safety and Security

We prioritize Cargo Safety and Security, implementing robust measures to ensure the protection and integrity of your valuable goods, including advanced screening, secure facilities, and rigorous handling procedures, giving you peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Support for Supply Chain Management

Our expert team provides comprehensive support for Supply Chain Management, offering tailored solutions to streamline your logistics, optimize costs, and improve efficiency, ensuring your goods reach their destinations swiftly and reliably.

Cargo Training

Our Cargo Training services provide industry-leading education and certification programs, equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills to handle cargo efficiently, safely, and in compliance with regulatory requirements, enhancing overall performance and expertise in the logistics industry.